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From genesis <>
Subject Re: How to get GuacamoleConfiguration from url?
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:21:04 GMT
Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

Guacamole maps the GuacamoleConfiguration from the noauth-config.xml file.
In my scenario i would like to pass a single GuacamoleConfiguration through
the URL (and yes, all of the data - protocol, username, password, etc), then
map it to the Map<String, GuacamoleConfiguration> type, and its working fine
now for one connection.

When I click on a URL, i.e: 
http://guacamoleclient:8090/#/{guacamoleconfig_encrypted_1}, the browser
opens a new tab with the guacamoleconfig_encrypted_1 connection (and
redirect to /#/client/NzI0NwBjAG5vYXV0aA) 

But after that, if I click on other url: 
http://guacamoleclient:8090/#/{guacamoleconfig_encrypted_2} with different
GuacamoleConfiguration parameters, the browser will open another tab, but
with the same connection of the first url, the same
(/#/client/NzI0NwBjAG5vYXV0aA), this identifier should be different, because
the id of the second connection is different.

If I understood correctly, I need to update the configs property in the 
updateAuthenticatedUser method of the SimpleAuthenticationProvider. So when
the user clicks on the second URL, this method will be called and I add the
new GuacamoleConfiguration(from the URL) to the existing configs property. 

But I am missing something, even after clicking on a second url and adding
the GuacamoleConfiguration object to the configs theres just one connection
on the angularjs side, on this piece of code exactly:

      var generateHomePage = function generateHomePage(rootGroups) {
         var connection      = connections[0];

I dont know if its the right path to do that.

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