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I just restarted Guacamole and Tomcat, and I don’t see anything about LDAP loading.  I have the 0.9.13 LDAP extension at /usr/share/tomcat/.guacamole/extensions.  Is that the proper directory for it?  I’m pretty sure that’s where the user guide said to put it.  I also have the pertinent LDAP parameters set in the guacamole.properties file at /etc/guacamole.

In 0.9.13-incubating, if you downloaded the release from the website, then the default GUACAMOLE_HOME will be the $HOME/.guacamole directory.  Double-check and make sure that's the Tomcat user's home directory.  You can also change the GUACAMOLE_HOME via either the guacamole.home property in Tomcat's catalina.properties file, or by setting the GUACAMOLE_HOME environment variable before starting Tomcat.  This changes slightly in 0.9.14-incubating (git repo), with /etc/guacamole becoming the fallback-default location.

If you have guacamole.properties in /etc/guacamole, and you can successfully change other items in that file and see the changes take effect, then I believe your GUACAMOLE_HOME is probably configured for /etc/guacamole, in which case your extensions should be in /etc/guacamole/extensions.  So, you might try creating that directory, placing the LDAP extension there, and then restarting Tomcat.