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From Carter Sema <>
Subject SQL User/Connection Scripting
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 15:31:43 GMT
My guacamole is setup to authenticate from LDAP, but since connections cannot get managed unless
Schema is updated. I wanted to try and manage connections through the SQL database Guacamole
uses. Currently my way to get a user into guacamole is such

SIS SQL Statement Pull into CSV -> PowerShell Adds User to AD Security Group -> User
Logs In->User has no connections
(This process is automated through SFTP and Windows Task Scheduler, every morning around 4AM,
it adds new users)

After the user logs in, usually I add the connection for myself or another Tech, but for students
it could become large scale and not able to be done by hand.

Which is great and works. So I started SQL scripting to add a connection but am just a little
confused and looking for an example, if anyone has done this. In order to add the connection,
First the user has to be added to SQL, (again just looking for example If possible) the My
CSV that I am pulling from our Student information System has all the information needed to
create the SQL user. I am just looking for the mappings that I need to set. I looked at "Chapter
6: Database Authentication" in the Guacamole Manual, but it wasn't all that helpful.  It gives
the column names for SQL, but sometimes a generic example helps me to understand better.


Carter Sema
Network Support Specialist

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