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From Jonathan Hankins <>
Subject Need guidance with suspected auto-reconnect bug
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2017 07:32:43 GMT
I think I've found a bug, but I wanted to ask here before I file a bug
report, since I am new to the codebase.

I'm using 0.9.13.

I have a single connection to an RDP server. The server is set up to only
allow one connection per user, so when I leave one guacamole session
connected, and start up another one (e.g., open A in chrome and B in an
incognito window), the session detaches from A and attaches to B.

This (erroneously) triggers the 15 second auto-reconnect countdown in A.
Once it reconnects, B is disconnected and starts the 15 second countdown.
It ping-pongs back and forth.

Running "guacd -L debug -f" I see this:

2 Another user connected to the server, forcing the disconnection of the
current connection.
3 guacd[9344]: ERROR:     Error handling RDP file descriptors

Lines 1 and 2 actually come from libfreerdp, and indicate that the error
code coming from RDP is 0x5. Looking at guacd: src/protocols/rdp/error.c

     82         /* Another user logged on, disconnecting this user */
     83         case 0x5: /* ERRINFO_DISCONNECTED_BY_OTHER_CONNECTION */
     84             status = GUAC_PROTOCOL_STATUS_SESSION_CONFLICT;
     85             message = "Disconnected by other connection.";
     86             break;

So a 0x5 return from RDP should translate to
GUAC_PROTOCOL_STATUS_SESSION_CONFLICT (0x209) being sent to the client.

Looking at the client,
in guacamole/target/guacamole-0.9.13-incubating/guacamole.js:

  13877     /**
  13878      * All error codes for which automatic reconnection is
appropriate when a
  13879      * client error occurs.
  13880      */
  13881     var CLIENT_AUTO_RECONNECT = {
  13882         0x0200: true,
  13883         0x0202: true,
  13884         0x0203: true,
  13885         0x0207: true,
  13886         0x0208: true,
  13887         0x0301: true,
  13888         0x0308: true
  13889     };

0x0209 isn't in the list that should auto-reconnect. So I added this in

  console.log('status = ' + status.toString(16).toUpperCase());

In the session B console in Chrome, when the reconnect in session A, for
example, disconnects session B, I see this:

status = 208

That's not 209, but it IS in the auto-reconnect list.

So I started tracking down why libfreerdp sends 0x5 to guacd, which should
send 0x209 to the client, but instead is sending 0x208. Here's what I found
(the clue was line 3 above in the guacd debug output:

  guacd[9344]: ERROR:     Error handling RDP file descriptors

 In function guac_rdp_handle_connection:

    765                 /* Check the libfreerdp fds */
    766                 if (!freerdp_check_fds(rdp_inst)) {
    767                     guac_client_abort(client,
    769                             "Error handling RDP file descriptors");
    770                     pthread_mutex_unlock(&(rdp_client->rdp_lock));
    771                     return 1;
    772                 }

and lower down:

    804                 /* Handle RDP disconnect */
    805                 if (freerdp_shall_disconnect(rdp_inst)) {
    806                     guac_rdp_client_abort(client);
    807                     pthread_mutex_unlock(&(rdp_client->rdp_lock));
    808                     return 1;
    809                 }

the first bit is returning GUAC_PROTOCOL_STATUS_UPSTREAM_UNAVAILABLE, which
is 0x208, to the client and returning. This means guac_rdp_client_abort,
which maps the RDP error codes to GUAC_PROTOCOL_STATUS*, is never reached.
I poked it a bit and realized I was in over my head. I'd need to understand
more about freerdp_check_fds and freerdp_shall_disconnect before I could
decide how to rework it.

I am not sure what all error conditions from RDP will trigger the first bit
and return before guac_rdp_client_abort is called, but I am guessing that
more than 0x5 is getting short-circuited and arriving at the client as a

If this needs to be filed as a bug report, I'd welcome advice to condense
it down -- I know I've been pretty verbose, but since I'm not certain about
the actual location of the logic error, I wanted to provide enough context
for someone who is more familiar with the codebase.


-Jonathan Hankins

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