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Subject Re: Missing keyboard layouts and workarounds
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2017 21:42:30 GMT

I was not referring to any particular issue I am having. I simply wanted 
to understand the different layers that make things what they are.

This is what I found out. Hope it helps someone in the future. Feel free 
to correct it, or include parts of it in the docs otherwise ;-)

The different layers:
* Local keybaord layout (hardware)
* Local keyboard layout (OS)
* Guacamole session keyboard layout
* Remote keyboard layout (OS)
* obviosuly, remote hardware keyboard layout does not matter in this case

In other terms:
* Local keyboard layout (OS)         <-- determines symbol you want to 
see appear on destination
* Guacamole session keyboard layout  <-- the keyboard layout on which 
the POSITION of that symbol is determined
* Remote keyboard layout (OS)        <-- the keyboard layout on which 
the key at that position is pressed

This means:
* Local keyboard layout (hardware) should match local keyboard layout (OS).
* Guacamole session keyboard layout should match remote configured 
keyboard layout (OS).
* For everything to work 100%, all of these should be the same, 
otherwise there might be symbols that you can't type since either your 
local keyboard (hardware) or the remote keyboard layout (OS) doesn't 
have a key at that position, or the local symbol does not exist on the 
the remote keyboard layout at all.


On 11/15/2017 5:18 PM, Frode Langelo wrote:
> Hello Marki,
> Spansh keyboard layout was actually added a couple of days ago:
> Although resolved; for the workaround, if you set the keyboard layout
> of the client and remote machine to Spanish (and leave Guacamole to
> en-us-qwerty), does it behave better?
> Kind regards,
> Frode
> On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 12:21 AM,  <> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I found a few conflicting descriptions how to work around a missing keyboard
>> layout.
>> :
>> "If you want it to work right now, use a US layout on the server. You will
>> still be able to use a French keyboard on the client computer, and you will
>> be able to type normally. This is your best option for the time being. It
>> will solve your problem. "
>> :
>> "As a workaround, you might be able to type normally using a Spanish layout
>> if you:
>> 1. Set the keyboard layout of the client machine (the computer with the
>> browser) to English.
>> 2. Set server-layout in Guacamole to en-us-qwerty, or leave it blank.
>> 3. Manually set the keyboard layout within the RDP session to Spanish."
>> The first time you claim that the Guac setting and remote session layout
>> must match. In the second example that does not seem to be the case but
>> instead the client computer should match the Guacamole setting.
>> What would be an effective and official workaround (or list of workarounds,
>> maybe)?
>> Thanks,
>> Marki

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