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From Domudarius <>
Subject 404 with guacamole-tomcat package install on ubuntu 17.10
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2017 02:36:08 GMT
Complete linux noob.

I originally installed guacamole-tomcat on Ubuntu 16.04.3 (on a hyper-v
virtual machine) and had it working up to the point of getting "Waiting for
first update" and then a disconnect message.  I found another post saying
that was caused by a bug that was fixed in .9 something.  So I found a page
explaining apt pinning and attempted to pin guacamole to the zesty
repository.  It seemed to work, in that it downloaded a .9 something version
of guacamole, but after that I was unable to log into guacamole.  But the
login screen at least loaded.  I assumed I was missing some library that
also needed pinning to the zesty repository and figured it would be easier
to just move out of the LTS version.

So I created another virtual machine and installed 17.10 and the
guacamole-tomcat package.  This server just gets 404 and doesn't bring up
the login page at all.  Tomcat works in that I can hit the default index
page.  The tomcat log shows 

Failed to start component
... stack trace ...
Caused by java.lang.NullPointerException
... stack trace ...

Then it has Error deploying configuration descriptor
[/etc/tomcat8/Catalina/localhost/guacamole.xml] with Failed to start

I'd swear that at some point I saw a "file not found" exception related to
guacamole, but my latest logs don't show it, so maybe not.

I haven't tried building from source and deploying the war file.  Is there
anything else I can try short of manually building it?

I've compared all of the configuration I could find between my two servers,
and with the exception of a few comments and such, they look identical.

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