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From messido <>
Subject cconfig.setParameter not setting parameter on specific Paramaters
Date Sun, 26 Nov 2017 15:31:11 GMT
First let me start by saying how appreciative I am of the wonderful job Mike
and Nick have done, thanks guys...

Now to my issue, I'm familiar with the use of config.setParameter and have
used it to create recordings and name said recordings. However whenever i
try to add any extra "performance" parameter to RDP, the guacd never catches
it, and always says "Parameter 'X' omitted. Using default..."

Here's my code after completely squeezing my brain trying to figure it out..

Everything inside the else statement works perfectly fine. However,
regardless of where I position the first 7 lines or config.setParamter,
these parameters are never caught and default is always ended up being

P.S. This wasn't how my code actually looked like, but I tried finding the
bug, I just hard coded "true" as key values and put it right in the
beginning just to make sure it was nothing wrong from my end..

Thanks for your time

TL;DR 'config.setParameter' doesn't set parameter for RDP performance

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