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From glarkin53 <>
Subject Unreachable RDP desktop after renaming computer
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2017 20:19:30 GMT

I'm working on a project to provide access to Windows desktops hosted on
Amazon AWS. We spin up a number of Windows EC2 instances (Windows 2012 R2
servers) and then connect to them with Guacamole.

Upon the first connection to a machine, it has the Amazon auto-generated
hostname, such as "". Our process
requires the hostname to be changed and the machine rebooted, so we may
issue the following commands in a Powershell window:

Rename-Computer glarkin

After the machine restarts, Guacamole is unable to connect to the machine.
The dialog box reads "The remote desktop server is currently unreachable."
The machine is still up and running, and I can connect to it with a desktop
RDP client from my laptop, so I think there is a problem with Guacamole

I have tweaked the connection settings to change the security mode to "Any"
and to disable the authentication and ignore the server certificate to see
if that would change the behavior. However, it doesn't seem to change
anything as I still cannot log in to the server through Guacamole.

I wonder if anyone has suggestions for me. Does Guacamole have a hard
requirement that the machine cannot be renamed after initially connecting to

I would appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you,
Greg Larkin

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