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From "Lars van Ruiten" <>
Subject SFTP problems
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2017 12:51:50 GMT
Hello all,


Since upgrading Guacamole to 0.9.12-incubating (from 0.9.8), users have
reported issues uploading files over SFTP connections (Added to a VNC

It appears that any file larger than ~1MB will not upload, but give a
permission related error. (See screenshot)

Uploading the file to the SFTP server directly with Bitvise SFTP client
works fine.


To me it sounds like if a file is larger than a certain size, guacd will
buffer it on the disk on the server and it does not have the permission to
do that. (The disk is not full)

It happens to all connections, and I am sure that with some connections it
has worked before, and the only thing that changed is the newer version of


If someone has any idea how I can fix this, please let me know.
Uploading/downloading files is one of the most used features in our case.


Kind regards

L van Ruiten

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