On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 2:14 PM, Carter Sema <CSema@acschools.org> wrote:

Installed Guacamole from this script several times https://sourceforge.net/projects/guacamoleinstallscript/ . Without any problems, went to stand up a testing box and its acting like the application didn’t install. I navigate to my URL with nginx and without the reverse proxy and it just returns 404 errors.

Started the service guacd, tomcat, nginx. Checked some of the configuration and everything looks right to me…


Any Idea’s?




First, it's worth noting that this install script isn't officially associated with the Guacamole project.  Looks like someone (Hernan) has created the script and posted it on SourceForge.  I've never seen/used that script, so not sure what it does.  It looks like Hernan keeps it up to date (mostly, as of May), but based on the fact that it is separate from the project, the amount of support you're going to get from this community for that script is going to be limited.

That said, in order to debug any issues you're having getting Guacamole to run, you're going to need to look at configuration files and log files.  The amount of information you've provided isn't very comprehensive, so when you say you checked some of the configuration and it looks right - what configurations did you check?  How are they configured?  What messages are you seeing in the Nginx log files?  How about the Tomcat log files?  Have you checked to make sure the Guacamole webapp is getting deployed by Tomcat?  Is it at the URL you expect it to be at?  Is the 404 being thrown by Nginx or by Tomcat?

Please look at those items and provide additional detail, and we'll see what we can do to help you get it going.