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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: Console.log messages not included post minification
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2017 21:15:57 GMT
On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 03:19 ErinVersfeld <> wrote:

> I'm new to Guacamole, and am trying to adapt the base client for a project
> I'm working on. However, I'm having trouble with getting my console.log
> message to be included in the minified JavaScript. I'm assuming that it's
> the minification process that's removing them, because the logs are in the
> source code on my machine, but I can't work out where  the minification is
> happening. Do you perhaps have any advice for me?

I've never had the minification process strip out log messages. However, I
have noticed that Chrome seems to filter then by default.  There's an
option when you're looking at the console to change what messages get
displayed - make sure that you have it set to show all messages.

Also, it's a little cleaner to inject the $log service into the angular
code you're writing and use $log.debug() (or warn/info) and use that to log
your messages.

> I'm trying to use the logs to work out why my modified version of the
> client
> isn't displaying HTTP error messages, even though they're coming through to
> it. I've also tried using dummy variable to track a similar thing, but I
> can't get that working either. I'm using tomcat 7 and Xtightvnc.

Are you modifying the client or are you just using the API (-common)
portions of the client code to write a custom app?  Can you explain further
where/how you're trying to throw these errors and what your expect to see?
Also, if you're using Chrome, use the network tab of the dev console to see
the requests and responses, including response codes and bodies.  This may
help you see the error if it's being intercepted by some part of the client
and not pushed all the way through.


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