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From Aaron Newsome <>
Subject Screen Recording with Mouse Cursor
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2017 18:59:21 GMT
Hi all. I posted this question a few weeks back and got zero response. The
list seems more active now so maybe someone has some insight into this now.
Sorry for the repost.

I'm using the version 0.9.12 and 0.9.13. I'm very impressed with Guacamole
so far. It's an excellent piece of software that really simplifies remote
access for me.

I'm trying out the screen recording feature and the recordings look great
(given a high enough bitrate for guacenc). My question is regarding the
rendering of the mouse in RDP sessions.

When I create a screen recording, the movie file does not show a cursor.
For the type of screen recordings I'll be doing, I'll need the mouse to be
rendered for the movie file to be useful.

I've done a bunch of searching around to see if there's a way for RDP to
render the cursor in the remote machine but I'm having no luck finding that

Does anyone know how to make a guacamole screen recording with the mouse
cursor recorded as well?

Thanks, Aaron

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