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From Der PCFreak <>
Subject Re: General Questions
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 06:21:39 GMT
Hi Carter,

I recently tested Guacamole with LDAP (connected it to a Windows Active 
Directory). There is no need to change the schema if you just want to 
manage users in AD but not connections.
So you could manage the connections within Guacamole and set permissions 
by using AD users.

AD has options to set work time for users so they are not able to logon 
at any other time. Maybe that could help you, too?

Kind regards


On 23.10.2017 17:50, Carter Sema wrote:
> Noticed the picture attached  on my Guacamole Account. Just wondering 
> what the LDAP tab was used for. I did some quick google searching and 
> wasn’t able to find anything. I’m assuming it’s for controlling the AD 
> connections if I would have modified my Schema? Or does this control 
> something else?
> Also, is there a way to control when machines are available? An 
> example would be, we have a lab of high powered CAD machines but don’t 
> want everyone accessing them until after school is over so kids can 
> work on their projects outside of school. Is there a way to set those 
> machines to become available after a certain time in guacamole?
> Thanks!
> Carter Sema
> Network Support Specialist
> <>
> CertBadge_Administrator_web

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