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Subject Re: Looking for help with Sles 12 SP2 and guacamole with freerdp
Date Sun, 22 Oct 2017 16:19:46 GMT
Alright... I think I just did it on our SLES12 SP3 platform =)

Configure and compile freerdp1
  cd /root/FreeRDP-1.0.2
Assemble the compiled shared objects
  cd /root/
  mkdir /tmp/fr1
  find /root/FreeRDP-1.0.2/ -iname 'libfree*so' | xargs cp -t /tmp/fr1
Try to configure and compile guacamole while pointing it to FreeRDP-1
  cd /root/guacamole-server-0.9.13-incubating
  make clean
  LDFLAGS="-L/tmp/fr1" CPPFLAGS="-I/root/FreeRDP-1.0.2/include/" 
./configure --prefix=/opt/guac-0.9.13a --with-init-dir=/etc/init.d
  make install

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