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From cbosys <>
Subject [RDP] NLA Authentification fails with username who contains some characters
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2017 12:54:21 GMT
*Guacamole server 0.9.11-incubating*
*Guacamole client 0.9.11*

I'm currently trying to use guacamole with NLA Authentification in RDP.
It works with users who has username that contain standarts characters
(A-Z/a-z..), but when i try to connect with users who username contains "é",
"è", "Ü", "ç", "à"... characters (like "André"), i've got the error "Error
connecting to RDP Server" in syslog and i can see that the NLA
authentification failed on my server event viewer.
When i try "Andre" instead of "André", it works (AD usernames aren't case
sensitive), and if i try to connect with "André" WITHOUT NLA
Authentification, it also works.

This doesn't seems to be a FreeRDP issue, i tried NLA authentification
directly with FreeRDP (branch stable.1-1) and it works. 

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