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From Colin McGuigan <>
Subject Re: Handling a SAML POST response
Date Wed, 27 Sep 2017 21:35:13 GMT
So I went ahead and created an external web service that internally calls
/guacamole/api/tokens, and then redirects to /guacamole/#/token=<token>

Doesn't work.

Investigation of the network traffic shows that the /guacamole/api/tokens
call does not have the token in it at all (in Mike's OpenID implementation
id_token is passed along this way, and I was hoping it would work the same
for token).  Changing the name of the parameter, so it's now redirecting to
/guacamole/#/id_token=<token> also does not pass a token_id parameter to
/guacamole/api/tokens, which confuses me, because I saw this behavior with
the OpenID plugin.

So new questions:

1) Is this a valid approach?  Ie, can a Guacamole authorization token even
be passed around in this manner?

2) Why is the token not being passed from /guacamole/#/token=<token> to

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