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From vnick <>
Subject Re: how to customize login page and site label
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 13:48:35 GMT
Mike Jumper wrote
> Hey Nick,
> No, Guacamole doesn't apply any limitations to the MIME types of resources
> exposed via extensions. It's on the author of the extension to determine
> the correct MIME type, but Guacamole will simply pass that through.
> Are you seeing any specific errors from the browser when attempting to
> load
> the resource?
> - Mike

Nope, no specific errors.  I'm not seeing any invalid JSON or CSS messages
in the logs, and nothing in the browser.  Here's what I've done:
- Placed font files (TTF format) in my extension's "resources/" directory
- Added the entries to the guac-manifest.json file in the resources section
for the font files.
- Created a new CSS file with the @font-face directives to load the fonts. 
I'm using the "app/ext/guacamole-branding-nick/resources/Font.ttf" path in
the url() area, same as the custom logo (which works fine).
- Add the new CSS file to the correct area in the guac-manifest.json file.
- Add directives to my other CSS file to change the font for things like the
header, login page, etc.

When I load the page, the font doesn't load at all, and if I open up the
Google Chrome Inspector panel, I see:
- CSS file is loaded correctly and I can find the @font-face directives for
my new font.
- CSS file correctly displays my changes for places where I've specified
font-family with my custom font.
- The font files do *not* show up in the
sources/app/ext/guacamole-branding-nick/resources folder in the inspector
- If I point my browser directly at the font file with the full URL to the
font, it downloads correctly.

So, the font is in the right path, the CSS is getting loaded, but, for one
reason or another, the font is not being used on the page.  I'm not sure if
this is something with the MIME type I'm using not being recognized by the
browser or if there's something else I'm missing?


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