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From "" <>
Subject guacamole with docker containers
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 10:56:41 GMT
  I just wanted to make the Guacamole user  community aware of 3 open source projects using
guacamole to access linux desktop applications running in managed docker containers. I hope
they may be useful to others.

 This one is from Rich Lucente at Redhat and allows Redhats jboss developer tools to run in
linux containers managed by openshift & kubernetes, and be accessed via Guacamole\VNC.

 this  fork by me which allows a different desktop application called eclipse Sirius to run
instead of Redhats developer suite.

this repo by myself tries to integrate guacamole with eclipse che contianerized workspace
server to make use of managed workspaces , solve some issues with persistant  storage in containers,
and allow traditionally desktop technology to make more use of modern cloud architectures
and be accesable on the web.


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