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From vnick <>
Subject Re: Can't create users with mySQL Authentication
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2017 19:20:12 GMT
stemagg wrote
> Hi all,
> I'm facing a really strage problem. I have installed Guacamole 0.9.13
> successfully with SQL authentication and all works (RDP, VNC, SSH,
> etc.)....but not user creation.
> I mean, from the guacadmin user i'm trying to create, using the web
> interface, a brand new user, but when I hit the save button it prompts me,
> after a while, the following screen:

> As you can see, there is no specification about what kind of error it
> encounters.
> The only thing that I was able to trace is that it seems the Guacamole
> can't create, in memory, the api/tokens for the new user.
> I'm also asking why it tries to create these tokens (REST?) when I'm
> creating, basically, mysql logins?

Not sure if you figured out this issue or not, but, if not, please check
your Tomcat logs at the time of the error and see why it is throwing the 500

To answer your other question, Guacamole uses REST for just about everything
except the connection tunnel itself, so all of the commands, including user
retrieval and creation, are done with REST API calls, including creating new
users.  To figure out why this call is failing, we really need the output
from the Tomcat catalina.out file at the time of the error.


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