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From vfalx <>
Subject Guacamole not reading
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2017 01:48:24 GMT
I'm facing an odd issue I can't seem to pinpoint regarding the file.

I have the following setup:

Alpine Linux 3.6 container (mini root fs) running Tomcat 8.5.20 in
/opt/tomcat as the 'tomcat' user. The 'tomcat' user has a home directory of
/opt/tomcat (defined in /etc/passwd).

Within /opt/tomcat, the .guacamole folder is symlinked to /etc/guacamole

All of the /opt/tomcat and /etc/guacamole are owned by the tomcat user with
+x set for the /opt/tomcat/bin folder

I'm able to successfully compile and run guacd (version 0.9.13). My
logback.xml configuration file is properly applied. guacd can read the
guacd.conf file (located in /etc/guacamole) and bind to port another port
(confirmed by netstat).

What I can't get is the guacamole client (precompiled 0.9.13 war) to read
the file to customize the path of user-mapping.xml. 

I can confirm via the catalina logs that the is being

when I delete from /etc/guacamole, the following is the
debug output:

and when I add in the file and restart tomcat, I get
the following log (implying that the file has been

My file has the following:

Here's the user-mapping.xml:

Checking the catalina logs after attempting to authenticate, I see the
following line:

Why is the guacamole client not looking at
/etc/guacamole/map/user-mapping.xml for the user-mapping.xml? It's been
defined in and the GUACAMOLE_HOME defined via
"The directory .guacamole, located within the home directory of the user
running the servlet container." 


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