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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: How to use just the backend of guac
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2017 01:19:43 GMT
Scott,Guacamole is, really, a protocol.  It's a way of converting the various remote desktop
protocols - like RDP, VNC, SSH, etc., - to a single protocol.  There is a Guacamole Server
(guacd) and a Guacamole Client.  The Guacamole Server, guacd, handles the translating RDP,
VNC, SSH, and Telnet, to the Guacamole Protocol.  The Guacamole Server does not implement
everything necessary for you to access the connections in a web browser - you need a client
that speaks the Guacmaole protocol to accomplish this.
So, the core answer to your question is, yes, you can just use guacd - you do not have to
use the web client provided by the Guacamole project.  However, if you're going to do this,
you still need something to translate between the Guacamole protocol and whatever client type
you're trying to use.  If it's a web browser, you'll need to write a web application.  If
it's a mobile device, you'd need to implement a mobile application, etc.  But, whatever client
type you want to use, you have to write something that speaks the Guacamole Protocol to guacd.
Hope this helps - feel free to respond with additional questions if you have them.
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On Thursday, August 24, 2017, 8:29:55 PM EDT, Scott <> wrote:

Hopefully this isn't a stupid question, but I would like to just utilize the VNC, RDP,...
functionality of guad and not use the connection management and auth that the web interface
provides. I already have a solution that provides all of this.Is this possible? Do I just
need to follow how to make my own Web application or is there more?Also, has anyone used node.js
instead of Apache?Thanks in advance. 
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