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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: how to use guacamole-auth-header?
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2017 12:49:44 GMT
Take a look at the following page:

Basically, you do the following:- Install the extension into your Guacamole extensions directory-
If you want a header other than REMOTE_USER to be used for authentication, edit the
file and use the http-auth-header option to specify the header you want to use.- Reload the
Guacamole client (restart Tomcat or redeploy the guacamole.war file)- Configure your application
server (Tomcat, JBoss, etc.) or web server, if you're using a reverse proxy (Apache, Nginx),
to authenticate the URL where Guacamole is running (e.g.
For example, I am using Apache HTTPD as a reverse proxy in front of Guacamole, so I configure
Apache like so:
<Location /guacamole>
    AuthType Basic    AuthName Guacamole    AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/guacamole.users 
  Require valid-user</Location>
By default Apache HTTPD uses the REMOTE_USER header for this type of login, so there's nothing
else to configure here or in - just load the extension.  With Apache
HTTPD you can use many different backends for this type of authentication - LDAP, Digest,
Kerberos, CAS, etc.  There are also ways to configure Nginx, Tomcat, and JBoss to do this,
but I've not done those before, so I can't provide specific instructions.
Also, please be very careful with this - as the manual page says, you must make absolutely
certain that your web server and/or proxy server is configured to sanitize whatever header
you use (e.g. REMOTE_USER) such that someone cannot bypass authentication by specifying that
header, or inject something malicious into that header.  HTTP Header Authentication (in general)
is very basic, and it's very easy to configure it in an insecure way.

On Sunday, August 6, 2017, 9:41:53 PM EDT, 张建平 <> wrote:

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How  to  use  guacamole-auth-header ?
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