I will send na feedback about this. It´s a very interessant thing! Thanks a lot.


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De: Nick Couchman []
Enviada em: terça-feira, 25 de julho de 2017 10:36
Assunto: [DISCUSS] Improving Guacamole Administration


Hey, Guacamole Users:

One of the items that has come up several times in various Guacamole-related forums is how to make the UI more admin-friendly.  So, I'd like to kick off a discussion on improvements to the various areas of the Guacamole Web Client (user management, connection management being the primary ones) that would make administering a Guacamole system easier.  Here are some examples of things that have been discussed elsewhere:


- Support for groups, particularly in the JDBC and LDAP authentication modules, so that permissions do not have to be managed per-user.


- Ability to select all connections or users in a connection group or tree without having to click on them individually.


- Connection templating/inheritance - the ability to define a top-level connection template and have other connections inherit parameters from that connection.


You're welcome to weigh in (vote, if you like) on the above changes, or suggest other items you think would improve your ability to manage Guacamole.


Looking forward to getting everyone's feedback!