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From James Fraser <>
Subject RE: Implement HA on Guacamole Server
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2017 23:21:57 GMT
Hi Thiago

In answer to your questions we do not have load balancing for spreading load we have a load
balancer for active/passive failover.
If we were able to have a PAAS solution for MySQL that was stable OR we stored all objects
in active directory then we would essentially round robin the LB between servers.

I do not believe there would be any way to keep alive a connection in the event of a server
crash as it's a persistent connection to that server, the best outcome that I could see is
the user refreshes  the browser and reconnects to the next host.

Sorry if this was not what you wanted to hear.

From: Thiago dos Santos Nunes [mailto:thiago@DIGITALINFORMATICA.COM.BR]
Sent: Monday, 24 July 2017 10:48 PM
Subject: RES: Implement HA on Guacamole Server

Thanks for sharing James (We have a same name.... but in another languages...).

My problem is not the Database server, but with Guacamole Server and the client.

How you address this questions:

- How to create session persistent in many guacamole client if one server goes down?
- How to not disconnect my users i fone guacamole server goes down?
- How to loadbalance the connections with many guacamole servers and many guacamole clients

Fique com DEUS!
Aude et Effice!
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De: James Fraser []
Enviada em: domingo, 23 de julho de 2017 20:00
Assunto: RE: Implement HA on Guacamole Server

Hi Thiago

I have a "HA" setup currently running within Azure
We found to many timeout issues with using a PAAS solution for MYSQL so instead are running
a simpler solution at the moment.

We have two servers, one is the Master and one is the slave.

We have a load balancer (traffic manager for setting priority)
Which selects server number 1 (master)
We are locking down the environment using oauth2 followed by LDAP and MYSQL.

Server 1 (Master) has a RW database and syncs data to Server 2 (Slave)

Guacamole on server 2 only have Read Only access to its database.
If server 1 goes off line, server 2 can and will continue to allow connectivity however it
will not allow creation of new users or connections, nor will it log who is logged on etc

It is not a perfect but it does allow server 1 to be patched and/or go offline.

From: Thiago dos Santos Nunes [mailto:thiago@DIGITALINFORMATICA.COM.BR]
Sent: Friday, 21 July 2017 1:21 AM
Subject: Implement HA on Guacamole Server

Hi everyone,

I need a lot of help.
We have a guacamole setting with approximately 100-200 simultaneous connections. And we're
investigating the option of creating client high availability using Hazelcast or memcached
(Nick's tip). Has anyone tried this? Could you share how it was? Because I've never worked
with it.
Another essential thing is the server side. We need to implement some High Availability schema
for the server. And it would have to be something without downtime if possible.
I had already created a ticket for the HA issue on the guacamole server, in case there is
a need to change the code. This would be an exceptional feature for medium to large environments.
Please help me in this, because the environment has fallen sometimes and the users get very
frustrated .... And customers wanting to paralyze services for this.
Stay with GOD!
Aude et Effice!

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