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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject RE: LDAP and MySQL
Date Thu, 20 Jul 2017 15:34:47 GMT
On Jul 20, 2017 03:13, "Andy Pattrick" <> wrote:


The docker image works well but does have limitations on passing
configuration in. Ideally a mechanism would exist where you could pass any
property through docker, or maybe store your .properties file on a mapped
docker volume, but I don't think it does at the moment. Others may know
more than me on here though.

The mechanism you're looking for is the Docker image's "GUACAMOLE_HOME"
environment variable. By creating a base configuration, specifying it as a
volume mount when creating the container, and pointing GUACAMOLE_HOME to
the location within the container, the image's startup process will
automatically use that configuration as a template, layering its
autogenerated configuration on top of whatever you already provide.

You can use this to specify properties that are not otherwise covered by
environment variables, or to include extensions which are not part of the

- Mike

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