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From Masood Hussain <>
Subject Re: How to stop other user from connecting If one user is already using the Remote computer
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2017 12:00:31 GMT
Thank you for your answer,

Even if I limit the connection per user I think it only works for that
connection configuration(I have multiple configurations for a single remote
computer). If I have two configurations for a single Remote computer with
the different initial program it will still log out the other user on

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 6:28 PM, Mike Jumper <>

> On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 7:07 AM, Masood Hussain <
> > wrote:
>> Thank you for the idea but Configuring the remote computer is probably
>> not a very efficient way to my working solution as I have multiple
>> computers.
> As Erik mentioned, there are properties for configuring exactly this
> within the Guacamole server:
> html#jdbc-auth-concurrency
> These can also be specified/overridden on a per-connection basis when
> editing the connection via the web interface, in the section labeled
> "concurrency limits":
> connection-management
> You will need to use the database authentication backend to make use of
> these features, as only the database auth tracks connections with this
> level of granularity. Writing your own auth extension would be another
> possibility, if you need something specific that isn't provided
> out-of-the-box by the database auth, but beware that correct tracking of
> concurrent connections is tricky.
> Note that the above will only monitor connections made using Guacamole. It
> is not possible for Guacamole to be aware of whether the remote desktop
> server itself already has a connection through some other client, or
> whether the remote desktop server has an active local user. For such cases,
> you would need to modify the configuration of the remote desktop server to
> deny access until active users are disconnected. I believe there are group
> policy settings for doing this with RDP.
> - Mike

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