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From Goncalo Rosa <>
Subject RE: Implement HA on Guacamole Server
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2017 09:54:47 GMT
Hello Thiago,

I managed to implement High Availability Active Passive on Guacamole.

I just assured both are fully symmetric and put a firewall NLB in front of both servers. To
assure that servers are always synchronized, I created a library of scripts that does all
my needed functions, so that way, when I need to reset a user password or associate a new
connection to a user, or create a new connection, for example, I do it from script and it
does on both servers at the same time.

Its working like a charm.

But If we could have an active - active architecture would be great! 

Gonçalo Rosa

W:                   Skype: goncalo_rosa

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From: Thiago dos Santos Nunes [mailto:thiago@DIGITALINFORMATICA.COM.BR] 
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2017 19:18
Subject: RES: Implement HA on Guacamole Server

Thanks everyone!

Let me see segfault. Memchached teorically work with websocket? The session replication work
with this?

Anybody can tell about sucess on working with memcached?

I need a lot put this working. And about high availability on server? How to do this?

Fique com DEUS!
Aude et Effice!

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De: segfault [] Enviada em: quinta-feira, 27 de julho de 2017 18:31
Assunto: Re: Implement HA on Guacamole Server


I am trying this right now with memcached-session-manager. I have not been able to get it
to work though. I can share my logs and more detail if anyone wants to help.

My set up is on AWS. I have a TCP ELB load balancer with two EC2 instances running guacamole
on httpd. I have configured SSL Client Verification to be required on the instances.

I was thinking if you don't need SSL Client Verification, you could use an HTTPS ELB load
balancer and configure sticky sessions on the ELB. You would have to terminate SSL connections
at the load balancer though and this makes SSL client verification tricky if not impossible.

I am on the verge of just settling for an active/passive set up through the load balancer
because I have tried everything I can think of to get the memcached-session-manager to work
with no success.

Here's a link to some info about memcached-session-manager:

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