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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: How to stop other user from connecting If one user is already using the Remote computer
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2017 12:53:26 GMT
Yeah, if you are configuring multiple connections to the same host there is no "awareness"
within Guacamole that this is the case.  If you truly need to limit the number of connections
to a single host and you're relying on Guacamole to do that, then you need to have everyone
use the same connection.

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 8:00:41 AM EDT, Masood Hussain <>

Thank you for your answer,

Even if I limit the connection per user I think it only works for that connection configuration(I
have multiple configurations for a single remote computer). If I have two configurations for
a single Remote computer with the different initial program it will still log out the other
user on request.  

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 6:28 PM, Mike Jumper <> wrote:

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 7:07 AM, Masood Hussain <> wrote:

Thank you for the idea but Configuring the remote computer is probably not a very efficient
way to my working solution as I have multiple computers.

As Erik mentioned, there are properties for configuring exactly this within the Guacamole
http://guacamole.incubator. html#jdbc-auth-concurrency

These can also be specified/overridden on a per-connection basis when editing the connection
via the web interface, in the section labeled "concurrency limits":
http://guacamole.incubator. administration.html# connection-management

You will need to use the database authentication backend to make use of these features, as
only the database auth tracks connections with this level of granularity. Writing your own
auth extension would be another possibility, if you need something specific that isn't provided
out-of-the-box by the database auth, but beware that correct tracking of concurrent connections
is tricky.
Note that the above will only monitor connections made using Guacamole. It is not possible
for Guacamole to be aware of whether the remote desktop server itself already has a connection
through some other client, or whether the remote desktop server has an active local user.
For such cases, you would need to modify the configuration of the remote desktop server to
deny access until active users are disconnected. I believe there are group policy settings
for doing this with RDP.
- Mike

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