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From messido <>
Subject Guacamole throws 404 when trying guac.connect();
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2017 21:04:52 GMT
So i followed the guide in chapter 21 of guacamoles documentation and
everything was working fine... then I decided to make the webapp and
angular4 app.. so now I have an angular4 app working on maven, but here's
where my issue comes in.

First of all, I've packaged and extracted all.min.js from the
'guacamole-common-js' file and put it inside webapp/resources dir... second
of all, I have my angular webapp serving on webapp/ng...

The way I imported the all.min.js script was adding a <script> tag inside
the index.html and then declaring a variable 'Guacamole' inside the
component i need to use it in... this seems to work (isnt throwing me any
errors if I dont use guac.connect()) but now as soon as I write
'guac.connect()' I get a failed post request to
'http://localhost:8080/guacamole-client/ng/tunnel' with error code 404 NOT

I tried putting the all.min.js file inside the /ng dir, but I still end up
with the same results... any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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