“Browsers throttle the total number of HTTP connections established via JavaScript on a per-domain basis, even across tabs. Once the browser starts delaying the creation of outbound connections until existing connections close, there will be resource contention between each of the Guacamole tabs, and performance will suffer.”


I just tested 4 tabs of SSH in Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, and Edge. Mozilla was by far the worst experience with crazy random SSH disconnects, Chrome and Opera was a poor experience as well but no disconnects, while Edge was experiencing almost no lag at all. We are discussing in the IT office that we feel it’s the Java script engine that browsers are designing around. Edge’s Java engine seems to be using the most compatible engine for Guac performance. Im currently recommending all remote users to switch to Edge until further testing or updates are released. I think this is the issue, but still doesn’t address the actual log websocket connection issue.


I would like to add, I’ve been using Guac since 0.9.9 and it wasn’t until I updated to 0.9.12 and added SSL, did I start getting reports of these issues from remote users.