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From Jacob Staub <>
Subject 0.9.9 on Docker with Reverse Proxy Stable, 0.9.12 on Docker with Reverse Proxy Unstable
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2017 19:32:34 GMT

Docker host OS = Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS
Docker version = 17.03.1-ce
Docker compose version = 1.13.0
jwilder/nginx-proxy <> version = 
Reverse proxy settings = jwilder/nginx-proxy default settings
Target connection = Windows 7 RDP
Network environment = LAN (http) & WAN (https)

In the environment above, 0.9.9 performs consistently. Connections are 
made with the Windows 7 RDP target and are held until intentionally ended.

In the environment above, 0.9.12 (and 0.9.11) performs inconsistently. 
Connections are made with the Windows 7 RDP target but last only 
approximately 5 minutes at which point the connection is terminated for 
the following: "ERROR: User is not responding." The attached screen shot 
of the guacd log is an example of the log output. Docker-compose scripts 
that show how each environment is built are also included.

Has anyone else experienced the same behavior? If so, is there a 
workaround available that produces consistent 0.9.12 performance?

Jake Staub

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