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From Al Gore <>
Subject RE: Guacamole 0.9.12 WAN Performance (Ubuntu 14, XDRP)
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2017 13:40:32 GMT
The most common issues are CPU on the guacd server and using HTTP instead of
websockets. Here is how you can figure this out:

1. Run "top" on your guacd server, open a console to one of your Ubuntu
hosts in a browser, then open a terminal window or something and drag it
quickly in a circle while watching top. Note the CPU usage on your guacd
server. If it is really high, either you are running on HTTP comms, your VM
integration components are out of date, or the CPU just isn't powerful
enough. Try setting "maximum performance" power settings and
installing/upgrading your VM integration components.

2. Open a browser debugger (F12) and connect to an Ubuntu instance. Note the
protocol being used for the connection. If you see a large number of HTTP
requests that occur every second or so continuously, then you are stuck on
HTTP and websockets are not working. This will cause massive overhead.

If you find out that one of these is the problem, I can help point you in
the right direction to fix it. If they are not the problem, I know a few
other things to look at.

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