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From Steffen Moser <>
Subject Re: GPU intensive applications in guacamole
Date Fri, 12 May 2017 01:03:27 GMT

On 05/11/2017 03:04 PM, odonya wrote:
> We have a gpu intensive application that we are trying to test if we can use
> it with guacamole. This is not a gaming application.
>  My question is which machine is supposed to have enhanced GPUs , is it the
> client machine which is connecting to guacamole or the remote machine or
> actually both machines.

The remote machine which runs both, the terminal service and your
application should have the GPU power your application needs. It is in
my opinion quite useless to have the power it in the client which
executes just the browser.

Whether it actually works, cannot be said without knowing more about the
concrete application you would like to run.

If your application uses the GPU for general-purpose calculation
acceleration (e.g. CUDA or OpenCL code), i.e. non-frame-rendering
calculations, then there should be no problem introduced by the remote
access (besides the fact that aspects like GPU resource allocation and
scheduling might require further attention in order to allow several
user access your remote application simultaneously).

If your application uses the GPU's power for accelerating the graphic
frame rendering, I am not sure if the acceleration is available in
remote/terminal services at all. I suppose that in a terminal server
mode there won't be any GPU-based 3D acceleration at all neither in
Unix/Linux (X11VNC, XRDP) nor in Windows (Windows Terminal Server).

Best regards,

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