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From Al Gore <>
Subject RE: Guacamole login page customization 0.9.12
Date Tue, 30 May 2017 21:05:32 GMT
If you do not want to make any modifications to the code, simply download the
prebuilt .WAR file from:

Open this file with an archive program such as 7zip and you should see a
list of files and folders:


Open the folder labeled "translations" and will see a list of languages in
the form of "en.json" or "no.json" (by the way you can add to this list if
you want Spanish in there). Edit these files and replace every instance of
"Apache Guacamole" with "V2S Labs". Make sure to save them within the WAR

Next, you can take your logo in PNG format and replace files in the "images"
folder. You will need to replace guac-tricolor.png, logo-64.png,
logo-144.png, and guac-mono-192.png. I would recommend looking at the
dimensions of these images and replacing them with the same size image. Be
sure to overwrite the image files with your logo files using the exact same
name, e.g. "logo-64.png" must be replaced with a file called "logo-64.png".

Take the resulting WAR file and place it in your Java app container, such as

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