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From David Česal <>
Subject RE: SSH connected, but keyboard not working
Date Mon, 08 May 2017 14:53:48 GMT
Thank you, Andrew, for pointing me to caching. I’ve found this issue -

Problem is in Spring Boot and solution is to create own HiddenHttpMethodFilter bean . It’s
working now.




From: Andrew Sedlak [] 
Sent: Monday, May 8, 2017 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: SSH connected, but keyboard not working


Hey David,

I know this issue occurs with RDP when connecting to guacamole through a web browser via HTTP
instead of HTTPS. The connection is made and after 15 seconds disconnects due to "user inactivity".
It's to do with the way apache2 proxy-caching is done (assuming you're using apache2). Not
sure if the same thing applies to an SSH connection.

Andrew Sedlak

IT Admin

G-lux Enterprises

On May 8, 2017, at 18:38, David Česal < <> >



I have a problem with Guacamole SSH – connection is established, but keyboard is not working
and client is disconnected after 15 seconds (of inaktivity). I’m using official JavaScript
code from


Connection is visible in syslog on server:

May  7 17:14:09 dev guacd[4071]: Creating new client for protocol "ssh"

May  7 17:14:09 dev guacd[4071]: Connection ID is "$30e2e833-5640-4bc9-92c3-929ced3d6e0e"

May  7 17:14:09 dev guacd[4382]: User "@4209df46-e26a-4ced-93c4-c264578f85a5" joined connection
"$30e2e833-5640-4bc9-92c3-929ced3d6e0e" (1 users now present)

May  7 17:14:10 dev guacd[4382]: SSH connection successful.

May  7 17:14:24 dev guacd[4382]: User is not responding.

May  7 17:14:24 dev guacd[4382]: User "@4209df46-e26a-4ced-93c4-c264578f85a5" disconnected
(0 users remain)

May  7 17:14:24 dev guacd[4382]: Last user of connection "$30e2e833-5640-4bc9-92c3-929ced3d6e0e"

May  7 17:14:25 dev guacd[4382]: SSH connection ended.

May  7 17:14:25 dev guacd[4071]: Connection "$30e2e833-5640-4bc9-92c3-929ced3d6e0e" removed.


I'm using Guacamole 0.9.12-incubating - on server-side extending GuacamoleHTTPTunnelServlet
(in Spring Boot/MVC), on client using official JavaScript code. Guacamole server is compiled
from source (everything yes during configure) and is running on Ubuntu 17.04.


Client is connected, browser receives first SSH output, but keystrokes end in Servlet –
I don’t know where they disappear.

I’ve filled StackOverflow question -


Is it possible to turn on more verbose log on server?




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