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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: Connection error. No logs.
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2017 17:30:57 GMT
On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 9:34 AM, Suncatcher16 <>

> > Waht type of host do you access ?
> > If its a windows8 or win10 machine (also server 2012 to 2016) you'll have
> > to enable tls security on the connection property in guacamole
> > I also got this error in case the gucamole (guacd) cannot do DNS
> > resolution then setting the IP address instead of FQDN solved that for me
> >
> > rg
> > Christian
> No, that didn't help.

In addition to TLS, as Christian suggests, you may also need to configure
the connection to ignore the certificate, as the certificate of your RDP
server is likely self-signed.

My host is Win8.1 Pro. And why I don't see anything
> reasonable in log alike "authentication failed" or "security level not
> supported"?

Unfortunately, while this sort of thing is possible with the libraries we
use for VNC (libvncclient), SSH (libssh2), and telnet (libtelnet), the
FreeRDP API simply doesn't provide hooks for that sort of information.
Applications which consume the FreeRDP library (like Guacamole) can obtain
the disconnect reason sent from the RDP server in the form of an error
code, and there's been recent work to expose that information, but that
wouldn't help you here. The true details surrounding why a connection has
failed are only logged internally by FreeRDP.

For sake of debugging, it can be helpful to try running guacd in the
foreground using the "-f" option (you'll need to kill any existing guacd
processes first). That will allow you to see FreeRDP's internal log
messages, which it sends to STDOUT / STDERR.

Only such clutter as "Connection ID is "$42bb300e-fac7-4d"? My logging
> level in logback.xml is set to *warn*.

The "logback.xml" file only controls the logging of the web application.
The message above is actually logged by guacd. It's not clutter, but if you
don't want those kinds of messages to be logged, you'll need to configure
guacd's log level, as well, which defaults to "info":

That said, since you're currently debugging the behavior of a connection, I
don't recommend reducing the verbosity of your logs at this time.

- Mike

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