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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: Connection error. No logs.
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2017 18:53:04 GMT
On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 10:51 AM, Suncatcher16 <>

> Mike Jumper wrote
> > That should be -f, not -d.
> This was a typo of course. And that's what my foreground run revealed
> > Listening on host, port 4822
> > guacd[3992]: INFO:    Creating new client for protocol "rdp"
> > guacd[3992]: INFO:    Connection ID is
> > "$ae8e6c0b-c1cd-434f-b684-b41d7c3bb315"
> > guacd[3994]: INFO:    Security mode: TLS
> > guacd[3994]: INFO:    Resize method: display-update
> > guacd[3994]: INFO:    User "@c5909bae-31d8-4eda-9843-6ed9ebb0bc1e"
> joined
> > conn
> > ection "$ae8e6c0b-c1cd-434f-b684-b41d7c3bb315" (1 users now present)
> > guacd[3994]: INFO:    Loading keymap "base"
> > guacd[3994]: INFO:    Loading keymap "en-us-qwerty"
> > freerdp_load_library_symbol: failed to open
> /usr/lib64/freerdp/
> > /usr/
> > lib64/freerdp/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or
> > direct
> > ory
> > freerdp_load_plugin: failed to load cliprdr/VirtualChannelEntry
> > guacd[3994]: WARNING: Failed to load cliprdr plugin. Clipboard will not
> > work.
> > guacd[3994]: ERROR:   User is not responding.
> > guacd[3994]: INFO:    User "@c5909bae-31d8-4eda-9843-6ed9ebb0bc1e"
> > disconnecte
> > d (0 users remain)
> > guacd[3994]: INFO:    Last user of connection
> > "$ae8e6c0b-c1cd-434f-b684-b41d7c
> > 3bb315" disconnected
> What does it mean /User is not responding/? How one can understand this?

"User is not responding" means that the user's side of things (the
Guacamole client) is not sending messages to the server, at least as far as
guacd can tell. After 15 seconds of absolutely no data being received from
the client, the Guacamole server will close the connection under the
assumption that something has gone wrong on the user's end (network
failure, computer was turned off, browser closed before an orderly
disconnect could be requested, etc.)

Because the Guacamole client will constantly be pinging the server while
the connection continues, this message almost always indicates a breakdown
in communication. Common causes, especially when just getting started with
setting up a Guacamole server, include:

1) A reverse proxy in front of the Guacamole server which is buffering data
(has not been configured to flush Guacamole's packets immediately), and
thus is effectively withholding the entire remote desktop session. Fixing
this involves reconfiguring the proxy such that it does not buffer
Guacamole connections:

2) A normal web proxy between the user and the Guacamole server, such as a
corporate firewall, which is buffering data, thus interfering as above.
Fixing this usually involves setting up SSL/TLS encryption in front of
Guacamole. If this is the case, I would recommend using Apache or Nginx for
SSL termination.

3) Virus scan software running on the user's machine which assumes the
Guacamole connection is a download, buffering the entire connection until
the "download" completes, and again preventing the connection from working.

And can be cliprdr the reason of failure? Maybe I should install it first?

The "cliprdr" plugin is used by FreeRDP to read/write to the RDP clipboard.
Lacking that plugin will not break things, but you won't be able to change
clipboard contents.

That plugin is normally installed with FreeRDP, but some distributions
split the plugins from the library itself. If this is the case in your
distribution, I recommend checking the distribution's package repository
for a FreeRDP package related to plugins, likely with both "freerdp" and
"plugin" in the name.

- Mike

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