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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: Confusing things about GUACAMOLE_HOME
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:25:58 GMT
On Apr 26, 2017 10:37 AM, "Suncatcher16" <> wrote:

Can anybody properly explain how to set GUACAMOLE_HOME?

First, keep in mind you don't actually *need* to do this. "GUACAMOLE_HOME"
is not something that is required to be set. It is the placeholder name
used to refer to Guacamole's config directory, and the environment variable
overriding the default location has the same name. It's not like JAVA_HOME
and similar where things break if it's unset.

The easiest route by far is to just use the standard, default location: the
".guacamole" directory in the home directory of the service user running

You only need to set GUACAMOLE_HOME or guacamole.home if you wish to
override the default location, and that is very rarely necessary. Even in
such cases, it may be easier just to make a symbolic link at the default
location pointing to wherever you prefer.

I tried almost everything without any result.
I tried setting variables in:
1. /etc/environment
2. /etc/profile
3. ~/.bashrc
4. /etc/bashrc

Tomcat will ignore absolutely all of the above, so its startup scripts
create an empty environment on startup. The files above only affect the
environment given to users.

5. creates in CATALINA_HOME/bin

This is the only correct way to set an environment variable for Tomcat, and
should be working.

- Mike

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