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Thanks Mike,

Is there any reason why I would want to keep it at 60, or really anything more than lets say a few minutes? If I understand, as long as I have the HOME page open, or an active connection all should be good and stay in session.

Not exactly - having the home page open has no effect. To be considered active, you must either have a connection open or be generally navigating around the Guacamole interface (moving from page to page, performing admin tasks, etc.). If you just sit on the home page for an hour, your session will expire.

I assume this does not care if someone does not move a mouse/keyboard for this calculation of inactivity?


I'm thinking of placing this to 5 minutes, or less really. Is this a bad idea?

It's completely up to you. There's no harm in changing the setting in general. I'd be wary of increasing the limit, as longer sessions increase the chance of an unauthorized user happening across someone's old session when using the same computer, but my only concern for decreasing the limit is user experience. The only way to know if this is a problem for you in practice is to try it.

Also, when changed in the settings file, does this take affect or does a restart become required?

Modifications to guacamole.properties require a Tomcat restart. You don't need to reboot the entire server, nor do you need to restart guacd. If you're using the Docker images, you'll need to restart the guacamole Docker container.

- Mike