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Subject copy / syncronize guacamole user/connection settings
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2017 20:55:58 GMT

I was wondering what the easiest way would be to copy the guacamole user 
settings and connections from one server to another (same version). Either 
a one time export and import or perhaps a better way to keep a backup 
server updated with user changes on another.

I am using guac 0.9.9 currently with mySQL server for the database and the 
guacamole-auth-jdbc- authentication module with MySQL Connector-J .

I'm also considering upgrading my guacamole soon but as the ubuntu version 
is now older I most likely will need to/want to reinstall the whole thing, 
which is no biggy, but it would be nice to be able to export the guac 
config so I don't have to manually recreate things one by on.

any ideas?


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