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From Thiago dos Santos Nunes <thi...@DIGITALINFORMATICA.COM.BR>
Subject RES: Lack of support?
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2017 12:39:55 GMT
I agree 1000%.

The developers are very.....very.....  dedicated. Is not fair with them.

Personally I´m very happy with guacamole (even with some bugs that I have faced). 

It´s a great...great product!!!

Fique com DEUS.

Aude et Effice!

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De: Maxim Golodnyuk [] 
Enviada em: sexta-feira, 17 de março de 2017 09:34
Assunto: Re: Lack of support?

I'd kindly ask tek0011 to stop spaming to this mail list. This way of communication can end
up in ban list. 

If you do not like open source way of support via community JUST STOP USING THIS PRODUCT.

And switch to smth that suits your expectations. 

All you should express here is great gratitude to developers who  over the years SPEND THEIR
TIME free of charge for you to have this product. 

С уважением,
Максим Голоднюк

> 16 марта 2017 г., в 22:37, tek0011 <> написал(а):
> Open source is not an excuse. 
> There are 100,000's of open source products that provide immeasurable 
> support.  They have taken the time to build a community.  I started 
> using this ~ 3 years ago, although sparingly and never dove into it.  
> You had a community back on sourceforge.  Look at it compared to this.  
> There are posts that are a month old on here with not a single reply.  
> I only wish I knew this product better so I could help too.  But its 
> really hard to learn it when there is a severe lack of information and 
> documentation on it.  No issue tracker, no issue submission for git..
> A few quick google searches will lead you to dozens of pages that 
> specifically state "the manual is missing most this information, and there
> isnt much support."   I just dont want this to die, and the community from
> where it was, to where it is has gone down hill.
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