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From Scott Mead <>
Subject Performance issue
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2017 20:07:16 GMT


   -     Centos 7.2
   -     tigervnc-server 1.3.1-9 (from yum)
   -     guacamole web 0.9.9 (downloaded from your site)
   -     guacd 0.9.9   (from yum)
   -     guacd.x86_64    1:0.9.9-3.el7   @epel
   -     Tomcat 7.0.69  (self downloaded)

   I'd like to use guacamole to provide VNC connectivity for 4 machines.
All of them are centos 7 running tigervnc-server.

I do have nginx setup as a front-end, but, I've also confirmed the behavior
by connecting directly to tomcat.

One of the machines is a physical box, the others are all virtual machines
deployed on that same physical box.  All vms are bridged to the same
network as the physical box.

  Right now, when I use guacamole with the physical host (localhost), it is
very fast and responsive.  When I use guacamole with one of the virtual
machines, it's extremely slow.  I quickly get 'connected to guacamole.
Waiting for reponse...".  After that, it takes between 30 seconds and a
minute to load the vnc window.  Once loaded, there is no response from the
GUI, I'm assuming due to severe lag.

   To verify performance, I have connected directly to the VNC server using
macOS Sierra's native vnc client.  It works as expected.  Any thoughts as
to what I may have mis-configured?

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