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From Marko Nikolić <>
Subject Re: SFTP file locking
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2017 23:52:04 GMT
I have made some short testing and it seems that thare are no more problems
with file locking.

Beside the above, I had issue with failing to connect to some of the
servers when SFTP is turned on, with error message "Error waiting for file
descriptor."  (0.10-incubating). Somehow, this happens on some servers, on
some don't, but with the latest code, everything work.


пон, 27. феб 2017. у 00:27 Marko Nikolić <> је

Thanks for the quick response! I'll try latest version and report back.


пон, 27. феб 2017. у 00:23 Mike Jumper <> је

Mind building the latest from git master and giving it another shot? I
believe we just fixed this:

- Mike

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 6:00 AM, Marko Nikolić <>


I am using Guacamole RDP + SSH connection and have some strange behaviour
after SFTP file transfer.

The Guacamole connects to the SSH server correctly, and files can be
browsed from the sidebar menu and downloaded. However, after download all
downloaded files stays locked on the server. Until Guacamole disconnects,
the files stay locked on the server and cannot be moved or deleted.

When the files are downloaded with sftp client from terminal, with the same
credentials, the server does not lock files after download.

I have made tests with two different SFTP servers (Sysax and Rebex Tiny)
and results are the same. The logs from the Rebex SFTP server shows that
after getting file from Guacamole, the file on the server side is not
closed, as shown below:

14:48:36.447 Debug SFTP: Getting item info on
'/Downloads/tightvnc-2.8.5-gpl-setup-64bit.msi': success.
14:48:36.509 Debug SFTP: Opening file
'/Downloads/tightvnc-2.8.5-gpl-setup-64bit.msi' (Open, Read): success.
14:48:42.009 Debug SFTP: Getting item info on '/Downloads': success.

When the same file is downloaded from terminal, there is file close in the

14:47:34.118 Debug SFTP: Getting item info on
'/Downloads/tightvnc-2.8.5-gpl-setup-64bit.msi': success.
14:47:34.181 Debug SFTP: Opening file
'/Downloads/tightvnc-2.8.5-gpl-setup-64bit.msi' (Open, Read): success.
14:47:34.228 Debug SFTP: Closing file
'/Downloads/tightvnc-2.8.5-gpl-setup-64bit.msi': success.

Has anybody faced similar issues?


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