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From maxkc2>
Subject Re: Connection errors on no-auth unless logout first.
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2017 23:59:27 GMT
I came across the same error in my logs of 0.9.11 
 Connection "HOST_FQDN" does not exist for user "USER_NAME"
no matter using mysql auth backend
with legacy urls extension.

While investigating I found followng explantion of Michael Jumper

Here - give this a shot:
That extension will add support for the old-style URLs, resolving the
multi-extension ambiguity by assuming the connection (or connection group)
is coming from the backend which authenticated the current user.
Just build the above, plop it in your GUACAMOLE_HOME/extensions, restart
Tomcat, and you should be all set. The old .../client/c/IDENTIFIER style
should work."

I thought that IDENTIFIER is the server FQDN so as you, but it is not.

I found what the IDENTIFIER is when I looked into MYSQL database, table
There is a column named connection_id.

So i tried:
instead of

where 5 is actually the connection_id column value from the host entry in
guacamole_connection table.

and it worked!

As I'm not a programmer I can not explain whether it is a bug or feature of
legacy urls extension but it seems that it is a bug, because you have no way
to get that connection Id other way than make sql query.

Hope Mr. Jumper will read this and explain the correct workflow.

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