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From Paul Cantle <>
Subject Re: LDAP auth and Screen sharing
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2017 09:08:49 GMT

I can't really be 100% on point 1 because I haven't used the screen share function, but I
expect it will work fine. The concept of "creating a corresponding record for each LDAP in
MySQL" isn't quite correct though.

When you configure the LDAP settings in the file, you will select a Search
Base DN. From there, all users that appear from that point in your directory structure will
be available in Guacamole (once you've given them permission to do/view whatever)

Regarding point 2. Yes, definitely. All the records are shown with LDAP users.



From: Antony Awaida <>
Sent: 09 February 2017 00:12
Subject: LDAP auth and Screen sharing

HI everyone:

We are planning to implement Guac and use LDAP authentication and SFTP for file transfers.
We also plan to Associate LDAP with a database (MySQL). A couple of questions

1- An important requirement for us is to enable users to share screens. It sounds like we
would need to create a corresponding record for each LDAP user in MySQL to enable a user to
access their. Screen sharing URL. Am I understanding this correctly?

2- Are all the usual records available in the DB even with LDAP authentication (Active sessions,
History, Users, Connections etc..)


Oh and BTW, the Guac documentation is first class! It is just that I am still a newb at this



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