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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: Set permission to group members automatically
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2017 10:05:40 GMT
On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 1:25 AM, Daniel <> wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> thanks for your answer.
> I understand that a direct selection of connections is a good way to be
> aware of these connections a user should have access to.
> But what about the common behavior of other tree based selections where
> the selection of the parent checkbox will select all checkboxes below that
> checkbox?
This is simply entirely different. A group's checkbox does not represent
the state of its children; it represents the group and only the group.

Some sort of "select all" functionality wouldn't necessarily be bad, but
that's not what this is, nor what it should be.

In general users would expect to get a selection of the checkboxes below a
> selected parent checkbox.
This seems a bit of a leap.

> Especially for enterprise networks (e.g. with several groups of hundreds
> of connections to specific machines) an administrator should be able to
> select a specific group to allow access to a bunch of connections to a
> single sub-admin.
> At my location there are more than 1000 machines (i.e. assembly line
> computers) that are categorized in several groups (i.e. based on vendors of
> these machines).
> May I suggest an additional selection way for a whole group?
By all means.

> Would it be possible to show a "Are you sure to select the whole group?"
> dialog box to make the administrator aware of the selection of all
> connections in that group?
Not a big fan ... This sounds like it would cause more harm than good.
Popping up dialog boxes for common operations just to make this particular
case easier would be disruptive.

If we're going to discuss possible solutions, I think we're too deep into
the specifics of the issue as it relates to your current approach to batch
management (connection groups). Designing a better interface for batch
management will need to start from a broader perspective.

Or could it be implemented as a configuration option of guacamole to be
> able to select the subsequent connections of a group?
Please feel free to open a feature request:

Your expectations regarding checkbox meaning/behavior aside, it seems the
issue we're dancing around here is that Guacamole needs a permission
management interface geared toward batch management. Providing a "select
all" checkbox and relying on groups to organize things is, in my opinion,
probably not the ideal approach, but I'm sure there's a way batch
maintenance can be improved.


* Can we make group checkboxes select their children?

No, that's not what they represent. Doing this would break the very purpose
of that interface.

* But other checkboxes do it.

That may be true, but these checkboxes represent something else entirely.
If users are indeed coming to the wrong conclusion, then the solution is to
fix the interface such that they come to the right one, not change the
functionality such that the interface is wrong, too. If we need "select
all" functionality (read: improved batch management), then we need a new


- Mike

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