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From Cyle <>
Subject Some mouth events don't seem to work?
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2016 20:35:05 GMT
I noticed that some mouse forms of mouth interaction don't seem to
transmit properly. For instance, I'm using a CAD tool on my remote
windows server. On the other RDP client I use zooming via mouse wheel
seems to work fine for zooming the camera in and out. The only way to
zoom with Guacamole using the mouse wheel seems to be to temporarily
remove mouse focus on the HTML5 canvas. I can then zoom in/out in a
single motion, but as soon as I'm finished zooming I have to loose mouse
focus on the canvas again in order to focus more.

There are a few other mouse applications that don't seem to get carried
over, e.g., there are some drag/drop based UI that doesn't seem to work,
and I can't resize window panes. Though, most of these interactions seem
to work normally when interacting with the Windows desktop (e.g., I can
drag + drop, and resize Windows), it's just some apps that don't seem to
play nicely.

Any solutions? Using the v9.10 docker images.

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