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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: Error while saving a file from application to Guac virtual drive
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2016 18:54:11 GMT
On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 10:39 AM, Antony Awaida <> wrote:

> Hi everyone:
> We are trying to save directly from MS Project to the guac virtual drive.
> Instead of the actual file appearing in the "file transfers" section, there
> is a strange xxxx.tmp file that shows up.
> Similarly, when we try to save from Photoshop to the virtual drive, a tmp
> folder is downloaded and photoshop returns the error below.
Some applications do strange things when files are saved. Creating
temporary files, renaming those files, moving things around, etc. Guacamole
attempts to detect when a file is actually finished being saved, but there
is no way to do that with 100% accuracy.

However, If we save the file into the Upload folder, it works fine.
There is no "Upload" folder per se. Only the "Download" folder has special
semantics. Everything else should operate as a normal virtual drive.

Any ideas? Why does Guacamole delete the files from the download folder?
> Could that be related to this problem?

Files are prevented from being saved in the "Download" folder to preserve
the concepts surrounding the "Download" folder itself. It is not meant as
storage, but rather as a means of signalling that a file should be
downloaded whilst simultaneously giving Guacamole access to that file (when
functioning as an RDP client, Guacamole cannot access any files on the RDP
server - it can only access its own virtual drive).

It is effectively true that files saved directly within the "Download"
folder are deleted, but this is not the way things are done in all cases.
If a file is moved into the "Download" folder, for example, Guacamole
transfers the data but ultimately cancels the move operation after the last
byte has been received (thus preserving the original file in its original

If a particular application does not play nicely with the "Download"
folder's behavior, the best route forward would be to save directly to the
drive or elsewhere, moving the file once it has finished being saved. There
is simply no way that Guacamole can detect that the file is ready in the
same way a human can.

My personal recommendation would be to modify the contents of the
"shell:sendto" folder on your RDP server, adding an appropriately-named
shortcut to the "Download" folder:

That will allow you to download arbitrary files from the RDP server by
right clicking on them.

- Mike

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