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From David Blackstone <>
Subject Guacamole sometimes doesn't show reverse VNC connections
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2016 21:45:51 GMT
I'm trying to configure several reverse VNC connections with Guacamole, but
I'm finding that often when the VNC server connects, Guacamole stays on the
screen that says "Connected to Guacamole. Waiting for response..."

If I look in syslog it shows that the VNC server and client are
connecting.  It even shows the hostname of the server that is connecting,
so I know it is getting through.  And on the remote system I can see the IP
address of my Guacamole server listed in connected clients.

Also, there is no difference in the logs that I can see between a
successful connection and an unsuccessful connection - it looks to me like
the vnclistener is working but then the HTML5 client is never being
informed that there is a connection to display.

Sometimes it looks like if I kill the session in the active sessions list
the next attempt is more likely to work, but this is unpredictable.

How can I find out what is keeping my reverse VNC sessions from working
100% of the time?

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