By the way, the printer driver requested over RDP by Guacamole is "MS Publisher Imagesetter", which I believe is a standard part of Windows:

That driver is a generic PostScript printer driver. The PostScript files received by Guacamole when documents are printed are converted to PDF using GhostScript and forwarded along the Guacamole connection to the user as normal file downloads.

- Mike

On Sun, Nov 20, 2016 at 1:22 PM, Hogne Vevle <> wrote:

Did you check the Windows Event Logs for any information? Usually you'll see some error there after connecting - in many cases the error will be regarding missing drivers, like your quote suggests. You will in that case have to download the appropriate drivers from the website of your printer's brand (HP, Canon, Brother etc.), and install them onto the remote server to which you are connecting).

- Hogne

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Den 20. nov. 2016 kl. 21.58 skrev Ray Jantz <>:


I am trying to connect to a server that is running a product called Thinstuff, which is a replacement for Microsoft Terminal Services.  It implements the RDP protocol and with Guacamole I am able to establish a remote desktop session.  However when I enable printing, I do not see the Guacamole Printer as an option in the print dialog.  In syslog, I see the following:

Nov 20 14:22:39 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Client ID confirmed
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: User logged on
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Sending printer
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Registered device 0 (Guacamole Printer)
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: All supported devices sent.
Nov 20 14:22:57 rjantz-hp guacd[19239]: Device 0 (Guacamole Printer) connected successfull

So it seems that Guacamole thinks the printer is connected.  The Thinstuff FAQ has this information:

"For printer drivers which are not part of the standard windows printer driver database you will have to install the specifi c printer driver once on the server to make autoprinter creation work for this specific printer too."

Could this be the reason I am failing to see the Guacamole Printer?  If so, how would I resolve the problem?  Or do you have other suggestions of things I could try?